Our team has broad experience

across different disciplines in Latin America

- we have the skills to make quipu happen!

Mercedes Bidart

CEO | co-Founder

MIT Master in City Planning
Public policy, informal economy & social entrepreneurship

Before MIT, she worked for five years in the Cities Program of a Latin American Think Tank (CIPPEC) where she did research and knowledge exchange among local governments. 

Francisco Susmel

CXO | co-Founder


 Puerto RicoMaster in Urban Economics of basic rights and social justice.


Currently working in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria focused on participatory community recovery projects, rebuilding infrastructure and houses.

Juan Constain

COO | co-Founder


MIT Master in City Planning

Operations & strategy

Juan has worked tat MIT CoLab designing and implementing capacity building and leadership development programs in the Colombian Pacific. Before, he worked in developing community engagement strategies for public-private innovation agencies.

Gonzalo Ortega

Design & Communications | co-Founder

Spain / Brazil
MIT Master in City Planning

Urban planning, spatial analysis &
Gonzalo is an architect and urban planner from Madrid, with experience in Brazil, Italy, and China - passionate about  making cities more livable for all.  At Quipu, he leads design and communications and oversees urban analytics.

Tech & Finance

Matías Williams

MIT Master in City Planning


A computer science engineer, entrepreneur and public servant, Matías cofounded ASEA, the Argentinean Entrepreneurs Association and Wolox, a software development company. He has been the Subsecretary to Modernization, Innovation and Technology of the Buenos Aires City Government.

Business Strategy

Sawyer Levy

United States

Davidson College  B.A. in Political Economy

At Davidson, Sawyer studied alternative economic development plans for informal markets. He also has experience in community banking and financial technology and brings all that experience to Quipu.